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LA GRANGE POST offers professional, quality production services specializing in bringing the most production value to your project within your budget. Contact us to see how we can help.




La Grange Post is committed to working side by side with our clients every step of the way. Our goal for each client is to develop, nurture and execute your vision with our experienced team of audio visual specialists.

We are skilled in all genres, including broadcast, theatrical, corporate and web based programming. We have all the tools to take your project from A to Z, featuring our off-line and on-line editing bays, unique graphics packages, access to a vast music library, complete camera, sound and light packages, and state of the art sound facilities.

La Grange Post also boasts an impressive roster of in-house talent, including award winning producers, editors, and production support staff. No matter what kind of project, or what specific need you may have, everyone at La Grange Post is dedicated to completing your projects professionally, on time and on budget.

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